What are Outbound Call Center Services?

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What are Outbound Call Center Services?

Outbound Call Center Services in the USA

Successful companies outsource 24/7 contact operations to cater to its customers through refining service and highlighting consumers’ needs. As most businesses today hire contact centers to help boost their business leads and close deals in line with the company’s projection and objective.

What is an Outbound Call Center?

Outbound call centers comprise telemarketing agents making calls regarding a company’s products or services, through using distinct metrics to measure the success of deals, cost per call, and even revenue earned. They also help establish rapport, engage existing or new prospect in a needs analysis, or provide the best solution to a certain problem.

Outbound call center services particularly involve appointment setting, fund-raising calls, surveys, lead generation, and market research, among others.

An outbound telemarketing service needs enough manpower and expertise to deliver excellent customer service.

If you aren’t familiar with outbound call center services, here are the things you should (and must) know.

Appointment Setting and Scheduling

Set appointments through live chats, voice calls, or e-mail, to pitch the gatekeepers and getting the deal with your clients. With fresh and targeted leads, you can find more prospects, an ideal process for B2B business.

And furthermore, outbound sales can simplify the intricacies in finding your best prospects, as they will gather data and use proper tools to get the deal.


On behalf of a business or client, telemarketers will do the call for you. With the right tools and sufficient information, they can handle considerable volume of calls and talk about your business, while you’re keeping your hands on your business cores. Since customers need answers and someone to talk, outbound call center is an indispensable resource to call in real time, respond e-mails, and get feedback from your customers.

Sales Lead Generation

Leads are the most crucial elements of setting up an outbound call center. The process improves call distribution and can convert more customers into buyers through focusing on the ideal prospects by narrowing down the demographics. More specifically in start-ups, sales lead generation can put the company’s product and service within reach to the customers. Since this is a fast-changing market environment and you need to get ahead, harvesting leads and using them effectively can put your business on top of your industry.

But on the other hand, the reputation of the company is also in the hands of outbound call center agents. So in order to communicate and understand the customer’s goals, company’s telemarketers should learn phone etiquettes and understand the product or service well enough to build the customer’s loyalty.

Also, agents should learn how to use their tools properly and efficiently. Below are some basic tools to operate a successful outbound call center.

  • Voicemail Automation
  • Networking (LAN, Switches, Routers, etc.)
  • Internet (DSL, SDSL, E1, etc.)
  • Local Presence Dialers
  • Auto Dialers
  • CRM Click-to-Dial

One big note is that this must be done according Law and obeying Good Call Center Practices or you will face this situation.

telemarketing abuse

Maintaining good practice and constant training to your call agents will bring just benefits.

7 responses to “What are Outbound Call Center Services?

  1. So, these are the basic tools to operate a successful outbound call center.

    Voicemail Automation
    Networking (LAN, Switches, Routers, etc.)
    Internet (DSL, SDSL, E1, etc.)
    Local Presence Dialers
    Auto Dialers
    CRM Click-to-Dial

  2. So, among the outbound call center services mentioned in the article. Which ones are the best to drive sales growth?

  3. As always great articles from you guys.I don;t have any doubt in you.The best education for Call Center you can get in your articles posted in Resource area.Its very resourceful and with right intent in the spot.Hope among the other easily can be recognized that this is one of the best blog out there for Call Centers and Outbound Telemarketing.

    1. If you ask me, sales lead generation should be combined with telemarketing services to boost the business growth.

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