The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting up Outbound Call Center in Philippines

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Philippines has been known as one of the strongest contenders in offshore outsourcing whether for inbound or outbound centers regarding telemarketing.

outbound call center Philippines

Reports show that the Philippines’ BPO industry has reached US$18 billion in 2015, and a total growth of US$25 billion in revenue in 2016. With its cost-effective work quality, highly-skilled agents, and world-class hospitality, setting up your outbound call center Philippines site is guaranteed with real and professional results.

As the Philippines can be the next possible business partner for a telemarketing service, how can start-up businesses establish their own call center in the country? To learn more about the process, here are some essential steps start-up owners should definitely consider.

Step 1: Research the Philippines’ industry and economy.

From facilities to processes, and hiring agents, you have to acquire basic knowledge on the country’s standards in setting up an outbound call center before deciding to co-invest or go solo. Especially when you have to consider manpower, know the average annual pay of agents (average annual salary per agent is P353, 000 or roughly US$6800, including bonuses). With this first step, you can build a strong foundation needed to successfully build your call center business.

As for the turnaround time, a call center business would take around three to four years tops to become stable.

Step 2: Plan ahead—pin point your business’ potential growth and future risk.

Though Philippine’s BPO industry is experiencing a positive growth rate, there can be possible issues that will affect your business. From tax holiday benefits changes to labor shortage, you have to oversee these risks and create a future-proof plan, so the loss can be lessened and analyzed beforehand.

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Step 3: Operate within your business size and budget.

You don’t have to start huge. It’s a favorable idea to match the size of your business with the size and number of your clients. If it’s your first time to invest, do an initial research.

Determine your budget and plan the possible expenditures. Despite the low-cost to outsource in the Philippines (with over 60% cost savings), you still need to tap into a realistic and feasible budget. Start with the fundamentals first (staffing, basic tools, and such) and build your empire one client at a time.

Step 4: Employ a team of professionals.

Call center reps have to work during graveyard shifts since they’ll be working for another time zone. Once you set the proper process, your team will manage, execute, and generate sales. And in order to accomplish this goal, you have to assemble a team with strong sales expertise.

If you’re starting an outbound call center operation, make it a point to employ agents who can speak and understand your customers’ language. In the Philippines, you can hire several qualified candidates, from fresh graduates of different fields, ready to bring your business to its peak.

Step 5: Secure a call tracking system.

To improve your customer service and accelerate sales for your business, you have to implement a call tracking system first. With continuous process of collecting data and analyzing feedback, you can gain insight, evaluate and track progress, and provide immediate solutions to issues.

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Get the right software to identify your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and constantly evaluate and correct mismanaged processes.


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