Cold calling and its potentiality in 2018

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Cold calling and its potentiality in 2018

cold calling in 2018

What is it?

In simple terms, cold calling is the first telephone call made to the potential customers informing about the products and services. The main objective of such calls is to attract the customer’s attention for the first time without prior appointment.

It is a technique where a salesperson intimates new or existing customers about the products in which they had not expressed interest earlier. As such, is typically a method of solicitation over telemarketing.

How can it help a telemarketer of a telemarketing company?

Cold calling companies use this old method of marketing strategy to make a healthy growth in the company’s revenue.  Here are some benefits of cold calling for a telemarketing company:

  • It provides all-time opportunities for marketing. It does not restrict the telemarketing services from making calls. It depends highly on the ability and patience of the telemarketing companies.
  • Cold calling services are cost-effective. It requires only a phone, a notepad, and a pencil to begin with. Thus telemarketing companies do not require much equipment for starting calling up potential leads.
  • Telemarketing companies do not require a huge team to start calling people. You can begin it all alone, or take help of one or two employees. This method does not require on any extensive team management.
  • Cold calls allow the business to go beyond boundaries. It allows the telemarketing companies to make local, national, and international calls without any restrictions.

What can a telemarketer expect from it in 2018?

No doubt it is a popular method for making B2B sales. It helps in processing clients and providing them with potential customers. However, 2018 will see a huge change in the way things are done. With current trends in digital marketing, cold calling needs to be combined with various social media platforms for effective results. Telemarketers cannot rely completely on it for lead generation anymore!

6 responses to “Cold calling and its potentiality in 2018

  1. Yep, I totally agree with fact that Europe is not the USA and will never be and therefore regulation will be different always regrading Cold calling and Outbound Call Centers in the USA.

  2. John I don’t think so because GDPR or whatever is 🙂 have no affect on USA soil.Its European thing and we are far away from it. Nonsense.Even latest 2 year our own regulation made change of whole Telemarketing industry we must be careful step by step.Fines are huge.

  3. Hope this new regulation will not blow out the “open” boundaries of working with cold calls.This is for me the best way to get results applying any marketing tool.Outbound Telemarketing this 2018 year indeed will be IN.

  4. This i like in new 2018 year regarding telemarketing trends.
    I must quote”Cold calls allow the business to go beyond boundaries. It allows the telemarketing companies to make local, national, and international calls without any restrictions.”
    This is awesome.

  5. Very well composed.I really wanted to post some comment but due some problems with re captcha I was not able to do that.
    Now I see is fixed so among the first one will leave comment.
    This will be in general but regarding Cold Calling I find this highly trustworthy.
    So I’m all open eye guys.

  6. Great post I must say.I was very surprised when I find out what kind of content is published here.
    Yes I as Cold calling Agent I agree that Cold Calling will be something in “spree” in 2018 year.
    I already saw the results and highly recommend to seek and find your outbound service partner.

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