Looking for a Modern-Day Call Center Outbound for Your Business?

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Perhaps you have a growing business and have decided to outsource a contact center. But you’re still new to this call center outbound or telemarketing terrain, and you even don’t know the intricacies and complexities involved in inbound/outbound process of contacting leads. You’ve got so many expectations, so many things to ponder, and most importantly, so many questions.

How can you determine if you’ve outsourced the right call center operation? How should you start? What tools and resources do you have to use? And so on.

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First thing’s first. Before you jump and outsource, start by getting to know the process included, and of course, the terms we should understand before exposing to potential impacts or risks. What’s the meaning and the difference between outbound call center and inbound call center?

Outbound vs. Inbound

Outbound call centers usually do telemarketing, sales, account upgrades, debt collection, fund raising, and other related work that needs contact with the customer. It’s an operation that—on behalf of your business—allows outbound agents to call a list of leads to transact your product or service.
Inbound call centers typically involve technical support, bookings, placing orders, resolving issues, online help, and other process that needs active calling. Unlike outbound, most agents handle or initiate customer, and exclusively place calls to persuade potential/existing customers to accelerate your sales.




What should I understand before outsourcing?

Ask, “Why do I need to outsource?”—yes, this is a question that needs to be asked before you obtain a contact center. After all, you need a reason, a why before how. But typically, most businesses opt to choose outsourcing to maximize profits, deliver better customer service, and of course, reduce customer service costs, which has been a top priority.

Moreover, outsourcing really depends on your business needs, objective, or goal. Set an expectation first before planning to procure staff, technology, and tools. Since there are different businesses, there are also different and unique customers to handle. How you answer this question greatly affects the course of your business—so think it over.

call center sizingI’m ready to outsource. What should I do?

Call Center Sizing

Now, you need to collect data to determine the size of the call center you want to outsource—such are the number of your customer calls per month or per day, metrics from inquiry calls, service calls, escalations, staff availability, and peak traffic.

Once you’ve measured these variations and estimated the volume of calls, know whether you need an inbound or outbound operation, or both. Also, you need to consider the average time of each call most agents will likely to spend, and their actual work hours.

Call Center Technology and Equipment

After determining the size of your contact center, you also have to determine the equipment and technology to use. From telephone system, IVR, software, to computer system, choose the call center that offer high-end technology, and operate with cost-effective technology investments. In that way, you get the optimized and better outcome.

You also need to acquire a CRM system for agents, to collect customer information, and manage and optimize the calls. In addition, a customer database is necessary, especially for outbound operations, to develop market strategies and for targeting and customer segmentation.

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What are some factors that may affect my business?

It’s of utmost importance to be aware of small or big factors that can potentially set your business in disarray. There may be unexpected events or disasters, such as system downtime, relocation, labor shortage, cost of client acquisition, and man-made or natural disasters that may need sudden solution.

So, what do you need to do?

These are unprecedented disruptions that we can’t escape. Outbound or inbound call centers should have a future-proofed plan and solution to lessen cost of impact. Employ the best and professional staff to handle and manage operations when you’re not around, and to make your outsourced contact center services far better from your competition. You also need to get updates and latest developments in the industry to keep your business ready for the future.

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