5 Effective Tips to Set Appointments Successfully

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Effective Tips to Set Appointments

To set appointments means to learn how to deal with varied responses from the prospective clients you talk to. It comes with learning how to engage in a conversation that’s worth your prospect’s time—something that addresses their issues or concerns to finally lead to a point where both sides will agree to an arrangement.

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Learning how to set appointments over the phone requires patience and effort. Here are some tips on how to successfully get appointments over the phone successfully:

Have a pleasant tone.

Before directing to your point of call, say “hi” or “hello” with a clear, distinctive voice and a friendly tone. This will create a good first impression and to give your prospects an image of your positivity—a way to capture their attention. You then follow it by introducing yourself.

Tell your prospect the main purpose of your call.

Present the reason for the call by telling your prospect who you are speaking in behalf of, what they can benefit on your offered product or service, then engage them to reasons why an appointment is needed—it could be for further information of your product or service. The more concise, the better, so make sure to summarize this part carefully.

Listen to concerns

Listen to concerns.

It is possible that your prospects’ ways of disguising their disinterests are to express their issues or concerns. Just let them thrash things out. Listen.

Saying “I understand your situation…” is empathic, but it would be more effective if instead you say, “What solution do you suggest to make it… .” The latter sounds more encouraging. This way, you are showing that you have acknowledged their issues or concerns all while directing them toward your offered product or service.

Reduce objection through offering a solution.

Prepare well-planned solutions to possible issues or concerns that can be raised by prospects. Modify information realistically to avoid misunderstandings. Showing them that you actually have varied solutions will make them think that your offer is a win-win. By doing this, you are likely to create an urge for them to set appointments with you for further discussions.

Be specific.

“Do you want to meet with…for further discussion?” can be frustrating for your prospect. Instead, ask straightforwardly, “Are you available on Monday for the presentation or demonstration of the product/service, or is Tuesday better?” This will give them time to think for their availability and will appreciate you for adjusting your schedule for them.

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Things don’t come easy when you set appointments with your prospects. But try to incorporate your skills with these tips and you will soon find ease and eventually reap good results, even over the phone.

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